Post Fight Protocol and Scanning

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Thomas (@Truegeorgiaboy on the Gram) recorded this segment during Pistol Core 18-1.

All too often during training, hot or dry, we get into the habit of going through the motions and getting reps in. Particularly when trying to record yourself in the 60 second world of Instagram. There is nothing wrong with getting reps in, they are important and the basis of not just maintaining your skillset but developing and growing your skillset. However, you shouldn’t allow any of that to build training scars into your training. What I mean by that is every rep you get is an opportunity to get it right. There might be a couple situations and dry fire mechanics that don’t require a full scan and of course as with anything its situation and context dependent. But a proper scan and building the neural pathways into your training to react when the rounds have ceased and going through a proper post shot protocol are vital.

We live and fight in a four dimensional world. Every fight and battle space share common factors as it relates to height, width and space with the fourth dimension or quantification being time. You have to be aware of what is above and below your threat (height), to its immediate right or left (width), behind you and beyond the target (depth). Timing is a whole other discussion. And I would even put depth as the number one thing to consider as backdrop is so vital in considering shot placement. With all that being said, build good habits and get a couple reps in where you go through a post shot protocol where you aren’t just going through the motions but gathering information about your surroundings. If nothing more answering the question, are there any other threats? Comment your thoughts below and hit that subscribe button.

As always train hard and stay safe. Thanks for the support.

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